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Key considerations to building your brand across Africa

With many fast-growing economies and a large, aspirant and upwardly mobile youth population, it’s no wonder that global companies are increasingly turning their attention to Africa. The nuances and peculiarities of working across the continent however mean that building brand presence and affinity is far easier said than done, and the best way to tackle this challenge is by working with a credible local agency partner.


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Podcasts are set to become the primary communication media for businesses

The podcast format has been gaining followers over time, and today it is so widely known that it needs no introductions. Podcasts are booming and increasing their number of listeners due to the ongoing growth of online audio use.

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The rise of B2B influencers on LinkedIn

With several new features on LinkedIn, you can either create your thought leaders and raise their profile or reach out to the B2B LinkedIn influencers.

Let’s have a look at how that works and how you connect with these influencers.

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High Bounce Rate Got You Down? (And What to Do About It)

A bounce rate sounds like a happy thing, and a high bounce rate should be even more fun, like a kid jumping on a trampoline or riding one of those sit-and-bounce balls, right? Not so much.

Unfortunately, high bounce rates are serious business for marketers. Google simply defines a bounce rate as a single-page session on a website, such as when a visitor lands on your home page only to click away.

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The Eight Tenets of Successful International Integrated Communications

The Associate Agency Partnership allows leading independent agencies to work formally with counterparts in other countries in order to deliver seamless and focused services to international clients. These associate agencies choose to work together, share the same business ethos, and collaborate internationally.

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5 SEO Tips That Will Boost Your Website Ranking on Search Engines

Optimising your website to rank better in search engines is an essential aspect of regular website maintenance. So we have compiled 5 SEO tips that will boost your ranking.

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Social Media for Dummies

Social Media Marketing is one of the main milestones in a company’s marketing strategy.

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