How to use inclusive copywriting in IT companies

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How to use inclusive copywriting in IT companies
by Jesica Torres, Content Manager, ENTERCOMM


Writing without bias is a constant issue that we have as communicators. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the language and always think about the target audience. In this way, inclusive copywriting appears as the protagonist to empathize and generate solutions.

Do you want to know how to create inclusive communication and how to use it in your business strategies? In this article, we will answer these questions and more.


Connecting with the audience through inclusive copywriting

Identifying the target audience is important in any content strategy. In fact, it is fundamental in all areas because we are social beings by nature and connections unite us and make us similar to different membership groups.

Now, what is inclusive copywriting?

When we create inclusive communication we are writing without gender, in a neutral way, and without associations to groups, that is, we write for all people. In this way, we get a much more genuine connection.


Voice and tone 

When we create the identity of a brand and we communicate its mission and values, there is a fundamental resource that is also part of inclusive copywriting: voice and tone. This is the way the company talks to people. 

Is not the same to use a formal tone as an informal one. And neither is not the same to speak of “the doctors” as of “the health personnel”, it means, without gender. All these guidelines should be included in the voice and tone manual to generate a good brand community.

Voice and tone apply to all channels of a company: emails, social media, blogs, etc. However, inclusive communication is one of the resources that should be included in this communication guide.


Why is inclusive copywriting important?

Although the objective in content marketing is to create persuasive texts to sell, it’s essential to know who we are addressing and to focus on the human and empathetic side. 

So, why is important to focus on making inclusive communication if you work in an IT company? Here are some reasons:


– It generates greater trust and identification. This is where voice and tone come into play, as they set the direction of communication.


– Emphasize brand values. Consider what you want your brand to stand for, make sure it lives up to those values and let inclusive copywriting do the job.


It makes a company stand out from the rest, as it includes rather than excludes. If you want your audience to connect with your copy you have to achieve identification. This is meaningful for IT companies and all others.


Empathize. Many times, IT terminology can be a little bit complicated, so you must write in a clear, concise and useful way so that everyone understands what you are talking about. Your audience is important, take care of them. Put yourself in their shoes, understand their needs, and empathize.


Some solutions are not recommended

Beware of this! Inclusive copywriting is about writing with arguments and focusing on both the audience and the goals. We must also keep in mind other aspects, for example, technology.

Although many places use inclusive communication by adding an “@” or an “X” at the end of the word to remove the gender and this is not a good practice. Both methods confuse search engines and are not read correctly by voice readers. 

When creating inclusive copy we must go beyond language as the way we communicate with people sets our steps. Keep in mind that you cannot force language for “fashion”, you must do it with arguments and a purpose. 


How to use inclusive copywriting in your communication strategies

Next, we will tell you about the best ways to use inclusive communication in content marketing.


Speak to the community and not to a specific gender

For example, instead of writing “the company’s employees”, we can say “the work team”. Here we remove the feminine or masculine to refer to a group without differences. 

Try replacing this type of content in your copy and you will see that it is equally or more persuasive than before. 


Stay away from biases

When writing, remove personal attributions to concepts. You are not your target audience, don’t be biased.

In copywriting, assumptions can play tricks. Take bias off the radar and write with empathy. 


Adopt a people-first approach

Since a time ago, the content marketing world has been focusing on people and their needs, rather than on the qualities of what you want to sell. Focus on your audience and you will get good results.

Have you ever heard of human-centric marketing? You can read more in this article in our blog.


Find out trends and good uses 

Language changes and we need to keep up to date. Read about best practices to reach your audience in a genuine and unforced way. 


Never assume the gender or identity of online users

Diversities are everywhere, why shouldn’t they be in your brand or company?

Communicating neutrally is important to formulating truly inclusive copywriting. Remember that, as we talked about earlier, you can make this clear in your voice and tone manual. 


Add descriptions to photos and captions to videos

This helps people with disabilities to enjoy the content. Copywriting that includes also uses meta descriptions and ALT attributes of images, among other things. 

Before finishing, we want to add that you can use inclusive copywriting in inbound and outbound marketing.

Now, with these recommendations, you will be able to break down walls and get better results. 


Inclusive copywriting and IT companies

Applying inclusive communication in technology businesses is as simple as doing it in other areas. If you know who your audience is, you will have half the work done. 

The way in which we relate to people affects us in many ways and marketing is no stranger to this. That is why it’s important that our strategies focus on informing in an adequate way, and in the case of copy, persuading without invading. 

As a premise, inclusive copywriting in IT companies should not be forced or imposed. Finding the best way to communicate is transcendental so that the identification we have been talking about becomes a reality and reaches the sales goals. 

Making sure that the contents respond to customers’ expectations requires previous studies, benchmarking, and more. With quality texts, you can get a lot and gradually get closer to that neutrality in the language that brands need. 


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