Leveraging CEOs as the Brand Guardians of Trust

Leveraging CEOs as the Brand Guardians of Trust
In today’s communication driven world, there is no ignoring the critical role of CEOs when it comes to driving brand awareness and building brand-customer intimacy. The most successful of brands be it global MNCs or enterprising start-ups have leveraged on the power of personality led CEOs to generate awareness, drive interest, draw inspiration, attract aspiration, instil trust and when that need arises, establish the calm amidst chaos. Coming up to the fore, to attain that level of credibility, influence, visibility and commercial advantage, is not an easy task for many business leaders. This very often requires a mindset change, as not everyone feels comfortable in being put under that spotlight position. It also involves a commitment of time, resources and stamina to not only start, but also stay the course of a CEO profiling journey, a critical component of any successful corporate positioning strategy.
Telling a Story

Through sustained and proactive engagement, a CEO’s profile can be built and magnified through different engagement platforms. This would include media interviews, industry dialogues, thought leadership perspectives, speaking opportunities, article contributions or when appropriate, engagement through social media.

At the heart of any founder focused leadership and CEO profiling public relations strategy is to choose a position of perceptual advantage and tell a story that captures the imagination of your audience of how you brought the brand to where it is today – Home-Grown Success, David vs. Goliath, Phoenix Rising From The Ashes, Market Disruptor – the point is always to communicate purpose and mission with passion, as well as authenticity.

Substantiate your Claim

Any claims of best of breed position, be it thought leadership or business success must always be delivered with the confidence of having facts, figures, demonstrable action, and of course results which can stand up to scrutiny, be it public or media.

And in the instances where there is questionable doubt, or a mistake overlooked, flex those powerful CEO muscles to address it.

Leverage on the power of the CEO’s voice, use it wisely, clearly and authentically.