Press Releases Haven’t Said Their Last Words Yet!


Press Releases Haven’t Said Their Last Words Yet!


Faced with the multiplication of communication media, written, visual, and virtual, the press release remains a reference appreciated by journalists and professional media. It continues to be an excellent communication support.


It is obvious to say that a good effective press relation needs to match a client to the media. At the same time, businesses use public relations for several specific reasons like increasing market shares, changing attitudes of target audiences, improving industrial relations, brand image, influencing government policy, upgrading company…


News implies that something is new, different. Clients often exaggerate the news value of a presentation. Objectivity become an important feature of our business. Using superlatives such as, best, first or biggest is not sufficient and may not match with journalists’ credibility.

Not all news will have equal weight. The appeal to the reader is what matters. General press, local newspapers, specialised periodicals will react according to their own values. Their audiences are diverse and require a specific message.


In all probability, only one press release in ten is published. There are many reasons for this failure rate. Among them the release has to contain news, it cannot be insignificant. In addition, it has to be targeted and sent to a media list which has to match with communication objectives. Distribution is important and remains a key point. Mailing lists must be kept up to date.

In any case, it has to be kept in mind that the quality of press relations is even more important than quantity. Sometimes, success may lie in having limited press coverage.


Working through the website is also very helpful. Recent press releases and photographs can easily be downloaded. Materials can be updated and variations handled with great flexibility. Managing a website for a client, keeping it fresh, will create traffic and visibility for potential targets and improve effectiveness on media relations.


While we all agree on the importance of the style, form, and content inherent to every press release, preparing them requires professionalism and experience, regardless of the language or geographical area.