Social Media for Dummies


Social Media for Dummies


Social Media Marketing is one of the main milestones in a company’s marketing strategy. This is because every company knows that their potential customers spend a lot of their time on social platforms.


Building brand awareness has never been easier, thanks to social media. It’s affordable and easy to use and it comes with all the features and tools to make your job easier.


According to the latest Sprout Social Index “social brings consumers close and your competition closer, with 93% of marketers agreeing social accelerated competition in their industries”.


There is a thriving competition between different brands to get the attention of potential customers. Building brand awareness among your audience in a crowded space can be difficult, but following the right path, you can easily do it.


Here are some tips and tricks you can use to be successful:


  1. Customize your content to reflect your brand identity

By customized content, we mean content that reflects your brand identity: make sure your content stays true to your brand. Focus on creating standardized and recognizable content that your audience can immediately associate with your company.

Let’s take the example of ‘Humans of New York’. You can easily identify a HONY post on your social media feed. Their incredible storytelling style has indeed attracted the attention and appreciation of people all over the world.


  1. Brand-focused profile

Just like custom content can help to build the right reputation around your brand, your profile should reflect everything about your company as well. This is quite simple to achieve.

One of the first and most important things to do is to add a brand category (like beauty, art, advertising, news company) to help others to better understand what kind of business you have. Choose one that meshes well with how your customers are already talking about you. You also need to include a relevant description or bio on your social media profile. For profile pictures, you may want to add your logo so that whenever you share content, people can see your logo and associate it with your brand. Add the URL to your website on your profile, so that profile visitors can access your website or blog to get more information about your company.


  1. Post your content consistently

Another step to increase brand awareness is to post consistently across all your social media channels. Not only you will increase your visibility on social media, but you will also build your path towards top-of-mind awareness.

Remember that each social media channel has its own language and audience (that’s why you will always try to avoid sharing the same content on the different company handles). You should also make sure to identify the right timing to post on each platform. There are different times and days when your audience is most active. Find out the best time to post on social media channels and plan your social media strategy accordingly.


  1. Engage your audience

To increase brand awareness on social media, you need to drive conversations about your brand. Use content that invites people to comment and interact with you. Interact as much as you can: ask for feedback, respond to compliments with a nice thank you comment, answer questions and complaints that come from your community.

The more engaged your audience is, the better your social media presence will be. A greater social media presence means better awareness on social media channels.


To conclude, even if mediated by social networks, the establishment of human relationships and their maintenance over time is essential to show that the customer is linked not only to the products or the services of the brand but also to its values and the messages that it conveys.


Author: Giada Catania, Prima Pagina Comunicazione Srl, Italy