The viewpoint, a true tool of influence

The viewpoint, a true tool of influence

Building and reinforcing your brand image is not an easy task. Multiple strategies and tools exist. Some tools are a bit forgotten and yet are very effective.

This is the case of the viewpoints or expert opinions that are published in the press and on the web.


These contribution spaces expose experts’ points of view and insights on a current theme.


A brand, especially in B2B, has every interest in positioning itself as an expert on a specific subject to differentiate itself. But writing an opinion piece requires a good handling of the argument and a clear formulation of the opinion by making it explicit and illustrating it.


This argumentation, which defends an opinion on its market, is a powerful communication tool that has its place in an influence campaign. It improves the organisation’s reputation through the intervention of an expert who becomes a true brand ambassador.


The multiple benefits of a viewpoint

A viewpoint in the media strengthens the credibility and fosters trust and commitment among clients, prospects and partners. The company distinguishes itself by its expertise and its vision. The expert is seen as a specialist with a high level of competence or knowledge in an ecosystem. Its visibility in the media also reinforces the employer’s brand.


Our advice on content and form

Writing a viewpoint is about sharing your opinion. Of course, you should not only address specialists. It is important to be clear, punchy and understandable to all. A general vocabulary is recommended because readers must be able to understand the subject! And it is advisable to include anecdotes and examples to illustrate and humanise the message.


Some ideas for its writing

Starting with a blank sheet of paper is not easy. It is not so easy to find the right words to start with. The title is very important. It must be striking to encourage reading but short and informative. It must present the theme of the article and make you want to read the rest. It can be surprising to attract attention. Often a title that questions is a good lead, “Why AI is no longer enough” or “Is automation so smart?” for AI or intelligent automation specialists will attract more attention and the desire to know more!

The subtitle is also very important. It summarises the issues of the subject. It exposes the main questions that the article will answer, and gives a short summary. For example, it can contain:


  • A news item
  • A quote from an author
  • A supposition or hypothesis on the resolution of the subject

Think also of the headings. These small titles separating the different parts of the article allow for rhythm and relaunches the speech to retain the attention of the reader.


Obviously, the heart of the article is very important, it allows you to structure your opinion. The most important thing is to propose concrete solutions and tips and tricks.


However, the most effective way is to humanise your message with anecdotes, real-life experiences, concrete examples, and testimonials. They personalise your message and speak more to the reader who can identify with it.


Our latest tips


  • A text between 2,000 and 5,000 characters
  • Illustrate the article with a quality photo
  • Write a short biography (1,000 characters maximum) summarising your profile

A viewpoint should, of course,  not be used to promote your commercial offer. Any self-promotion ought to be avoided at the risk of being rejected by journalists and considered paid media.


If the blank page blocks you, the professionals of our agencies are certainly there to help you write them!